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Haley Cunningham - Added portfolio item
Another story. This is another Harry potter story but more of a Draco/Hermione idea.
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Haley Cunningham - Added portfolio item
This is a story so only the idea for THIS version of Harry Potter is my idea the original and the characters belong to their original writer Rowling not myself. This is called He Was In Me chapter 1. or follow the link below to find the entire story on the website. Note: copy and paste link to url.
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About Me:
I'm Haley, and I'm currently still a high school student, and right now I'm still working to just expand my knowledge of my criteria that's been listed, so one day I can perhaps have a successful career like any other person hopes. I'm highly interested in writing, and am open to any opportunity offered to me. I've been working and writing since I was in the fifth grade, and ever growing since. I've had a few honorable mentions since this time and hope to grow even more so through this site.
I also like to design in fashion, and yes my work is amateur but i plan to improve in the near future due to some classes ill be taking. I've always found it interesting and much more fun to create your own work instead of allowing someone else to design for you. Sewing is new to me and I'm slowly...
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