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Freelance Illustrator & Political Cartoonist


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Political Cartooning
About Me:
I am a former printer having developed a style of figure drawing for editorial or advertising that emphasizes shading both in its darkened and subtle forms.If you want a visually rich form on your page, I may be the drawer for you. I believe that art historian who said artists should be in the business of 'pose' invention. I will go through that score of sketches till you get the one that's right. Then it will be transformed into a shimmering array of lights and darks rendered in sharp wax pencil. Give me a holler and I'll show you what I mean.

If needed your work will be expertly colored or vectorized in the computer. If too 'rendered' for your taste, cleaned up as well.If required as line art it is traced with a bush on vellum or auto traced digitally.

As for Skill Rating, I know...
Falls Church, Virginia, United States