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I feel & consider myself a most suitable & worthy person in views of the followings facts : – 1. I am a Post Graduate in Management i.e. M.B.A from U.P.T.U Luck now with First Division. 2. As specialization in M.B.A, I have Specialization in Marketing & .I.T which is the most required factor for this job . 3. I have further a qualification P.G.D.Computer.Appilication which is the most specific requirement for being successful in one Professional or a Job. 4. I have long Marketing experience in the establishment known as Vision Insurance Academy imparting education to the marketing Teams in insurance sector may that be life or non life insurance sector too. 5. Communication skills -: I have been blessed with distinguish communicating skills which is key in every wake of life & profession, as being a marketing & I.T person & best Computer Application Master, I can Manage self, others & other resources available at my disposal with the help of pro active working with others
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About Me:
I am young boy of 30 yrs I have nice parentage having high values for religious ,social generous. Cooperative characteristics which gave me an opportunity to have the same values in my characterstics.
I have inherited high values of good high characters & broad vision for the achievement of my goals.
I fell like no stone unturned for the achievement of my goals devotion and dedication are my utmost priority. The high values of life existence. i too happen to obtain from my elder brother Dr Paramjeet singh saini who obtained PhD honor from Thereto Univ. Italy after doing his MCA from India and now ultimately settled in states as a citizen of USA.
I was encouraged by my familiar, social &environmental circumstances to achieve my MBA with 1st division and specialization in marketing...