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Said "I think he does excellent in his line of work and gets the job done right no matter what the line of work is. I would like to know how he gets his work done right so well, but as they say, a magician never tells his secrets" to Gregory Hembree
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Jennifer - Over 30 days ago
hello, and job well done.
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My name is Gregory Hembree, and I love all there is about Jeeps,military vehicles,creative writing,and song writing.I got all my writing experience from the military.I love to check if something is incorrect, because everything and everyone deserves to be correct. I am great at management and I am great at keep things organized and up to date. I am known for my speeches in my town, they capitivate and inspire all who listen. I love to take photos because to me, a photograph is something that can be a beautiful object to hold tight to a persons heart. All ideas come to me and when I put them into words and inventions, that is when I feel my best at what I do. I am great at taking Nature Photography because I have what it takes to get the job done and I enjoy what God has created for all man...
big rock, Tennessee, United States