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This SoundCloud site has a few pieces that have been used for commercial and artistic projects. The recordings themselves are not the finished products used for the projects, but examples of some recording and instrumentation techniques i can provide.
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About Me:
I am a one stop audio production facility here to take your project from start to finish.

I have been writing music and lyrics for 17 years, spanning all types of music(rock, country, bluegrass, funk, electronic, vocal arrangement, etc...) My production facilities allow for a professional production with very quick turn around. I can either work totally independently, or work with you step by step to manifest your vision as closely as possible. i suggest skype as an important tool for communicating with clients.

I have worked with bands as principal songwriter, and can help you to develop your sound identity.

I will not only write jingles to fit any business need, but will record and produce all music. I can then take that jingle and create a complete audio commercial to your...
Cleveland, Ohio, United States