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Like the winds in the sky she was gone in a flash, never to see his mother behind the sky He cried for help-mother please come back, I seen. I seen the rainbow shiftly; guideing her soul home, without a doubt-mother yelled back, I coming home in a flash. Thank you Lord, for the beauty within-it seem like years, but, mother's home again.
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Geneva Silas - Over 30 days ago
Never has there been a rose-that loss it pleasing smell.
Colorado Springs, CO
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Geneva D. Silas
Freelance Paralegal
Colorado Springs, CO

I'm looking to work for a company that is in excellent standing. I have freelance writing experience, customer service experience alike.
Excellent employee that meets deadline, work excellent with co-workers; and others. Great attention to details, and differently a strong team play. Demonstrate willingness and potential for advancement, into assistant manager.
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States