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Said "Today's my birthday. Give me a job."
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Gary Whorley - Updated status
Said "Below this status I've shown you one of my copyrighted songs to sample. But it's in the wrong order, so, if you read it, read it from the bottom coming up. lol ... It's a rap song called ANGEL though mainly I do rock songs."
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Gary Whorley - Over 30 days ago
And PS this is the watered-down version without the hooks.
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Said "(third continuation of the song) flowin through me like a lake I'm drownin in please save me from the bounds within cause I hate the days that you're away and pray to change the theme or will you always just be the angel of my every dream."
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Said "(second part of ANGEL continued) to be hot as fire I'd lighta brighta night a fighta who mighta been a lifea inspitea all the ability and agility instilled in me instead it was the will in me so vividly ready to repeat the challenge defeat an army fleet of a thousand the crowd was rousin but then it all turned tragic until you walked by I looked up and it was magic instantly ecstatic lasted the enthusiastic facets of the moment when it passed us like an arrow through the heart had been blasted upon it and ever since my heart is what you have exclusively haunted cause you have the prettiest face I've ever seen it's no lie I've never seen such pretty eyes it's no line I love to watch you from behind you're bangin everywhere pretty hair oh looky there what a pair try not to stare **** it I don't care I want this the kiss the touch so much don't rush please hush we're makin the neighbors blush but that's fake too much to take too great it aches even after sleep I'm not awake day-dreams"
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Said "ANGEL (copyrighted I musta wrote you things like this a million times a thousand lines time after time I find impressive rhymes behind this mystifyin brain of mine eventually forming depression always stressin the bad and not the blessins I do have in my possession Satan testin my will to fulfill a self promise to stay real in times of temptation trapped in this station gave up on my dreams before I even had a chance to start chasin them slim hopes still promotes my prevention to blow up this house while I'm still standin in the kitchen always rich in bitchin pain clinging to me like hair in a drain the strain remains tied tight right around my neck when I smile I wonder do they know I'm a fuckin wreck waiting to happen I use to hear applause but now no one is clappin and the silence seems louder like a prowler invading and shading shadows on every thought I've got caught in a web of distraught totally shot to hell emotional jail-cell is a place I dwell before I eventually rot I use"
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I have 2 screenplays, and have written the songs for a rock album.
Charleston, West Virginia, United States