Gary Cole

Freelance Movie Producer & Commercial Videographer


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Movie Production
Commercial Videography
About Me:
In 1990 Gary began working on motion pictures in Los Angeles, California, where he learned cinematography from cameramen Bob Stradling (Star Trek V, Bugsy, House MD and T-2), Steve Shank (Dead Poet Society) & Alex Van Saher (The Doors).

Gary has since shot more than 300 productions, directed over 40 projects for Fortune 500 companies and co-produced projects for motion pictures. Gary has now culminated over 20 years of experience as producer, director, director of photography, special effects artist and matte painter for the music video, advertising and (2D/3D) motion picture industries.

Gary recently co-produced a 3D motion picture for WARNER BROTHERS and AMG. While creating the film's title animations, Gary worked closely with music composer Greg Sims, The City of Prague...
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States