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The Mighty Mastodons Vol01wraparoundcover
Comic Art
Over 30 days ago

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ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
Steller beasts of the Pliocene have returned to save us all from the octomachinethingy!!! Awesome
Petrina Schiavi - Over 30 days ago
Thanks for the Kudos John! You made my day. And fantastic work!
Robert Graphik - Over 30 days ago
that's what I'm talking about john:-)
Terri kelleher - Over 30 days ago
Thanks for the kudos John!
JKordela - Over 30 days ago
Many Thanks for the Kudos John!
Tony Twine - Over 30 days ago
Thanks John!
Summer House - Over 30 days ago
Thanks for the kudos John :)
Mvick - Over 30 days ago
Many thanks for Kudos John!. Wow, love your work
Sean Rinehart - Over 30 days ago
Fun cover!
Tommie Allison - Over 30 days ago
I really like this image - it has great characters, but hit has texture, too.
Gary Mccluskey - Over 30 days ago
this is so cool!
Farley Drake - Over 30 days ago
this is silly and funny...I love your style
Ahmed Khan - Over 30 days ago
i've had an idea for a long time John. See if you can do anything with it. it's about a comic series where a bunch of renegade rabbits try to take over the farm they are kept in by trying to take down the farmer. i know, it's kind of like 'animal farm' but i like the idea anyway.
Dara - Over 30 days ago
How do you come up all this stuff? Ha ha! Love it! Thank you for the kudos too john! Have a great day! :-)
John Powers - Over 30 days ago
This is great John!! You are a great artist!
Kristina Z.Young - Over 30 days ago
really creative!
Jimmy Barfield - Over 30 days ago
Love this john thanks for positive feedback on my work
Ingrid Zacharias - Over 30 days ago
Fabulous detail John!