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Karolina S. - Over 30 days ago
Who is Watching Whom at the Calgary Stampede?

By, Karoline Sadza on 10th Aug 2012

As I ponder my recent attendance at Calgary Stampede’s 100th Centennial, I wonder: why do festivals such as these bring us together, while our day-to-day life seemingly divides us?

During the Stampede, people from all over Canada, the United States and perhaps even further come together to celebrate and have a grand time. During these ten days, the term ‘cowboy’ usually refers to a fashion statement, and the entire city, including businesses, transform themselves into Western-wearing characters, even posting catch-phrases such as “finding it hard to contain your raging inner Cowboy?” outside a coffee shop, or “yee-haw nail art!” on a sign near a salon.

Some temporarily change their ring-tone to stereotypical cowboy tunes and purchase countless Western-inspired outfits. Sadly, once the Stampede is over, the use of the term cowboy may refer to a ‘redneck’ or a farmer, and might also be used in an offensive or derogatory sense, perhaps implying that a cowboy is someone who is simple and backwards.

Why do businesses and the media put on happy faces of pretense and joy, announcing that many people have been employed for the ten day Stampede, while many of these employees may be thinking about what they will do for work afterwards?

This leads me to the recent Employment Insurance changes that will soon be in effect; changes that will likely affect many educated and experienced Calgarians who have been diligently applying for jobs and receiving little or no response in return, many who may end up accepting any job in order to survive. Sadly, it seems like employees who have been in their positions for many years respectively, are often not willing to hire educated, motivated and willing youth. Perhaps they are not looking to the future and wondering what their company will become once many long-term employees have retired.

Stampede performances and food stands consist of displays from various cultures, all converged in one area of the city. However, many employers are still discriminating on the basis of race and other discriminatory factors, and seemingly only hiring individuals who they feel will fit into their current employee profile.

A silent bird comes to mind. During the day, the bird is silent – there is so much noise that it cannot hear itself. At night when it is quiet, if you listen carefully, you will discover that this silent bird has so much to say. If we are not divided by the raw and unfiltered emotions of discrimination, hypocrisy and ambiguity, we might be able to sing freely like the bird that cannot sing during the day…
Demaris M. Jarvis - Over 30 days ago
I feel that, very interesting subject matter,...can I have more!?!. :)
Karolina S. - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Demaris :-)