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Over 30 days ago

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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Awesome artwork Suranjan!! Love the stunning orange/red color and she is so lovely....Great setting, and my kind of world there...........
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Em. She is a character I am working on. The background is an image I had shot when I was on vacation a couple of years ago.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Sweeet! I agree with Em, great body fluidity too!!!
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Janet!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I so love that beautiful photo background...and love that you have been there...stunning and great setting for your new and gorgeous character!! Bleary from cricket....aussies picked up the pace thank goodness!!!...shame about that .decision!! Pommies need to update their technology. We have always been forefront out here and much better with our camera work!! These things happen though always!!
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
Well yeah... This series has had more umpiring issues than before. Very soon it will be India in South Africa, and India has a terrible track record in test matches there.... Keeping fingers crossed.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
We have all had some magnificent teams in the day Yours ...Sachin Tendulkar!! WOW!! A wizard of a batsman and they don't come any better than him really...they talk about the Don....but Sachin....he is AWESOME!! Viv Richards is another awesome player...and I miss all of those guys!!!...Cricket isn't the same anymore for me..!!! Nothing stays the same though and wishing you guys all the best in South Africa...Couldn't be any worse than our team, and besides, the poms were never going to let us win The Ashes!! It is cult with!! We are the 'colony people' to them........and how lucky we are:))
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
Well England was the worst side in the world for a long time... When I was a kid Mike Brearly's team was tough to beat but after the retirement of the Botham, Gower and the rest the team was the pits. It's only now that they have made some kind of comeback into the game. But for Australia it's a bad patch. The team has some really good talents. Clarke is a worldclass bat and Watson is the best all-rounder in the world today (Maybe second to Jaques Kallis). Aussies will be on top in another year or so... At the most.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
They sure were....and I rememberall of those guys!! Hopefully the bad patch might end this game....We know that Clarke really can handle the spin!! They are still hanging in at 3/340 and clark is142. We desperately needed him to fire with the bat!! Heres hoping they continue. I used to love watching Dean Jones have a hit too!! Watson has been a bit shy of late. The IPL and the money changed a few things...You guys really love your cricket hey....and dothe women love it as much over there? We don't get to see IPL unless Foxtel,maybe.....Sad really!! Good to see the Aussies having a good bat at the moment!!! Oh No!!! Jinxed them....just as I said that....Smith got caught out.......Dooooh!!! I am not saying another word my friend:))
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
Cheers to you to Em. And women mainly like the players... Not too sure they care that much about the game... There are exceptions of-course. A lot of Australian cricketers do major brand endorsements here. Watson's a huge star here along with our own MS Dhooni.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Guess it is the same the world over...Me...I love the game and guys do make big stars of the cricketers....and why not!! Better that than things that are bad hey....Off for awhile to do some painting learning and shall catch you when I return....Take care my friend...I ran our of things to kudo for you...but for the wall...I can!!
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
Have a super time Em.
Author/Illustrator, Tosh Baker - Over 30 days ago
love this!!