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Over 30 days ago


James Tanner - Over 30 days ago
Hi Lars
You look like what I'm looking for . . . . .
As you are aware I am writing three childrens books in a series and am on the lookout for an illustrator.
It is my truth that the illustrations in such books are even more important than the words.
It is likely that the books will incorporate in total about 80 - 90 illustrations.
It is also likely that the books will be published hard copy and as an ebook.
The illustrator that I select must be an all-rounder. .
For this reason I am approaching several illustrators, including you, with a request to email no later than 16 June 2012 two sample illustrations to covering

1. A ginger cat and a tom with blue eyes who are very much in love sitting at a table feasting on a huge salmon. Somewhere in the illustration there is a vase of 12 red roses.
2. The ginger cat along with her eccentric elderly master and mistress watching as a Komatsu crane lifts their house (about 4m X10m) high above the huge banyan trees in the background.
This way I can compare apples with apples.
Guess what I am looking for is an illustrator to “capture the moment” in a light, humorous way.
After 16 June I will go through the samples that I receive and come up with a shortlist of say 3 illustrators, consult the publisher, and go from there.
If you are interested I would appreciate receiving the samples of your work before 16 June together with the reasons why I should go along with you.
Thanks to everyone who has or is going to send me samples of their work.
I do appreciate your time and effort.
Please remember that to be considered for the shortlist that I need receive an email no later than 16 June sent to incorporating
1. Your two samples
2. Your expected delivery date for the three books each with say 30 illustrations including the book cover
3. Your total price, and
4. Other reasons why I should go along with you
I have received so many amazing samples settling on a shortlist after 16 June is not going to be an easy task.
If you are on the short list I will be in touch again.
If you would like more background please email me
Kind Regards and thanks again
James Tanner
Lars Erik Robinson - Over 30 days ago
I am a little late with the June 16th deadline, and I can't do free sketches with out a deposit and contract I hope you understand! Thanks