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Alan Lawrence Illustration - Background & Experience Alan did a fine art course after leaving secondary school. However, he soon decided that teaching art was not for him. He did his practical training in a top London advertising agency where he was taught to produce slick visuals, story boards and finished illustration. Alan has had a long and varied career as a freelance illustrator. Starting in London in the mid 1980s. He was taken on by one of London's finest art agents, 'Ian Fleming and Associates.' When he decided to emigrate to Australia, he was represented by the Sydney art agent, 'Merilake.' Alan was also employed as a freelance story board artist for major TV and Movie productions. He worked closely with the movie director, 'Carl Schultz' on his boots and saddles comedy, 'Bulls Eye' and on the Australian mini series, 'Cyclone Tracy.' Tel: 4572 0140 E-mail: goodguy@dodo.
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Alan Lawrence - Over 30 days ago
Looking for comments, contacts, ideas and general chit-chat.

Alan Lawrence
Alan Lawrence - Over 30 days ago
Not sure what this sight is about... We now have some guy advertising himself as a 'Graphic Designer.' He's at a loose end so he'll "Do jobs for free." Talk about Mickey Mouse. I have a bad feeling about a sight that has sqillions of so called freelance professionals and a hand full of dodgy, ten bob an hour art and design buyers. Never mind, you live and learn.
Alan Lawrence - Over 30 days ago
Sorry about the last post. I know that these scripts are automatic and someone needs to edit out silly or sarcastic stuff manually. Will think before I type next time.
Alan Lawrence - Over 30 days ago
Thanks to all the kind freelancers who took the trouble to give me 'Kudos' marks and the 3 friendly people who entered themselves as friends. I love you all.
Alan Lawrence - Over 30 days ago
Thank you to all the fellow artists who gave me the thumbs up, (Kudos.) You are very kind... Not to mention having fantastic taste... Just joking! If you can't take a joke you should not be in this business.