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fire bound Ram
Fantasy Art
Over 30 days ago

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Preston Young - Over 30 days ago
She look like youuuu!!!
James Lambert - Over 30 days ago
Brittany Hanks - Over 30 days ago
I really like this one too!
Luis Peres - Over 30 days ago
Another one of my favorites.
Marci - Over 30 days ago
As always...Wow!!!!
Adam Carnegie - Over 30 days ago
Your portfolio is consistent and strong – perhaps a little dark – but awesome technique and line work is brilliant. This is especially prime-evil.
Marci - Over 30 days ago
Jackie, my dear mon ami, you have the knowing that without the dark we would not know the light, 'tis always the balance, oui? I am blessed to call you my friend and adore your passionate style and expressive illustrations..but then, you already know that, oui?!
Adam Carnegie - Over 30 days ago
Yes, the most underdeveloped of most people is their dark side. And therefore what happens happens in shadow.
Jackie Diaz - Over 30 days ago
very well put adam =) and like always marci your words echo my thoughts =)
Marci - Over 30 days ago
Oui Jackie, it does take one to know one..a truth that is pure and stands on its' own, don't you agree? :-)
Grego Pulp - Over 30 days ago
Lee Richardson - Over 30 days ago
Top work jackie the detail is amazing!
Marci - Over 30 days ago
And there you go mon cherie..doing with all of your innate creative passion and ruling the genre..but of course you are..from my true-heart to yours!
Jackie Diaz - Over 30 days ago
I love your true heart Marci!! god I wish you lived in New york! lol
Marci - Over 30 days ago
Part of me does mon cherie, through you! I wish I could find the time to come visit..NYC would never, ever be the love and encouragement, wisdom and peace, inspiration and freedom fly to your true-hear from mine, oui?!
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Fantastic Jackie, where do you pull these creations out of!!!
Marci - Over 30 days ago
'Allo mon cherie..merci beaucoup for who you are..but then, you know this oui? didn't answer me about the 2 projects so I gather that you are way busy..what else is new? Much love and encouragement from my true-heart to yours mon cherie!
Paper Doll Eve - Over 30 days ago
Her eyes are gorgeous
Marci - Over 30 days ago
'Allo Jackie mon cherie'! Please message me to let me know that you're alright, oui?! You are one of my very few true-heart friends and I miss you!
Cirrelia Thaxton - Over 30 days ago
This is just perfect--love the surreal look!!
Marci - Over 30 days ago
'Allo Jackie mon cherie!' Just a quick note to see how you are doing and what's up girl?!
Art & Wood Design - Over 30 days ago
Tried to kudo this one too but, I've ran out, Very nice detailing Jackie ~G!:-)