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The Ice Prince
Fantasy Art
Over 30 days ago

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Brett Jenkinson - Over 30 days ago
Love this....there's something about wolves too, I think..
Jackie Diaz - Over 30 days ago
thank you so much my friend =)
Luis Roa - Over 30 days ago
I like the background,real, depth and expression
Curtis Wood - Over 30 days ago
By chance was this inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire? reminds me of the starks.
Marci - Over 30 days ago
Mon cheri..just a tidbit of info about me..I am Wolf Clan of the Cherokee and Cajun..and this illustration grabs my heart and imagination exactly where it is needed most, merci beaucoup for sharing..oui?!
Gorgore - Over 30 days ago
OMG! I have one similar to this one in my portfolio, I love it
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Another great Spirit mover. Fab work!!
Marci - Over 30 days ago
And once again mon know who I am in your universe..and you are most definitely in's a scary good and wonderful feeling is it not? Peace and love your way from me as always mon cherie!
Louis Nagy - Over 30 days ago
very nice ,could say its a real photo ,honest
Marci - Over 30 days ago
Allo mon cherie! Yes..'tis me once again and I am of the Wolf Clan, Cherokee..well..what more can be said but you rock the world again and again with your true-heart passion, oui?!
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Az noticed something I would have wondered but never known. So, are the wolves photos or digital? They are beautiful.
Marci - Over 30 days ago
'Allo cherie! Just checkin' in with you! How's things and creative passion flowing for you? Just know to stay centered and that who and what you are have great meaning..the road less traveled..I believe long ago I blazed a trail to my passion..and it really works, still mon cherie!
Bagus - Over 30 days ago
Tim Davis - Over 30 days ago
Very cool.