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Tea Time © Elisabeth Bell 2011
Children's Book Illustration
Over 30 days ago

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Mark R. Northcott - Over 30 days ago
I like your style! Do you use any particular program to illustrate with?
Elisabeth Bell - Over 30 days ago
Hi Mark! Thanks for the compliment! I hand draw all my illustrations, then pull them up in Photoshop to add colour. Looking into Corel Painter too. Your work is fantastic! You've got great line work! What medium do you use? How long have you been drawing?
Mark R. Northcott - Over 30 days ago
Well, that's fantastic, what you do! I too hand draw all of my work, then decide whether or not to use photoshop or serif Drawplus to add color...I've even downloaded a version of Artrage for the fun of playing in a "realistic" painting environment. I've been drawing since the fourth grade. I figure I've just finally gotten enough practice under my belt :-) that my talent is finally being recognized! Work like yours inspires me to keep going with the art I intend to render. It's that last little bit of time that we put into the piece that really makes the art "pop!"
Elisabeth Bell - Over 30 days ago
Mark, thanks for sharing some of your creative history with me! It's great to get to know you as the artist behind your pieces a bit better. Congrats on building your artistic finesse for so long, and for experimenting in other avenues to help push your creative ability. You have a lot of talent, so keep on experimenting and practicing! You can only get better, and the more you work on your creative genius, the greater the chances that your talent will continue to receive the recognition it deserves! Thank you for your kind words, and for being my inspiration today. I love how you put it, and completely agree, that it's that extra little bit of time that we put into the piece that makes the art "pop!" *High 5's Mark*
Elisabeth Bell - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, Sabrina!
Keaf Holliday - Over 30 days ago
Any new projects?
Elisabeth Bell - Over 30 days ago
Hi Keaf! Oh man, many new projects. Which is why I haven't been here lately ;) It's great to hear from you, my friend!
Marcos A Lara - Over 30 days ago
That's excellent