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Mural Painting
Over 30 days ago

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Marylin - Over 30 days ago
I like the wolfs. Any bears or girls like Alice In Wonderland. Need animals like this real but cartoon friendly Disney style. "Lady And the Tramp." :)
ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
This, I'll have you know, is wicked cool. How long did it take you? Wow.
T Schmid - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Eric. That project took me about 3 weeks..but I only had about 5 hours every day..I started with blank walls, rolled a light lavender on them and started "building" the mural from there...believe it or not, the stars on the ceiling took the longest as they were all glow in the dark paint....and need to be reinforced a few times to get them to glow.
ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
That is awesome. What kind of paints do you use?? The scenes are so epic it's like stepping into them.
T Schmid - Over 30 days ago
For the most part I use Latex house paint with some acrylics for the more unusual colors. Latex is great because of it's elastic properties and it's durability.
ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
You are a true master of the mediums, my friend. Holy cracker jacks. That is mind blowing. Put some more stuff up in your port.
T Schmid - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Erikk...that means a have some amazing work...and of some of my all-time favorite themes. For your Illustrations, What is your process like?
ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
It always starts with a pencil and a sketchbook. I usually got to thrift stores and buy out their old travel magazines and tear out landscapes and tape them up all around my studio drawing board. A lot of the time I use my own photography or even fast sketch from nature documentaries on tv that I tape with a vcr. Old school I know. But i do a lot of sketches before I move to canvas or board. Then I sketch out on the canvas the general scene and work with color plate ideas from my other examples. General watercolor or acrylics, with some other wet and dry media thrown in if I want more detail. Then I do retouching of color in Photoshop if I want to prepare the image for prints. Sometimes I partially assemble the image in Photoshop. But it's mostly a lot of traditional prep work prior.
T Schmid - Over 30 days ago
It seems we share similar processes. I will do the preliminary sketches and/or drawings on paper than take all those elements and arrange them in Photoshop to get the best composition. I can then superimpose them on photos of the space/walls that I took. This allows me to "see" how details might be lost on certain architectural features and thus I can tweak it now if need be. I then either refine the drawings and blow them up or draw them with chalk onto the walls and then I start painting. Do you use any other software besides PS?
The Art of Eros Cara J. Only The Finest Art - Over 30 days ago
Amazing work!!
ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
T Schmid: I use Illustrator too, but everything pales in comparison to photoshop.
Jackie Diaz - Over 30 days ago
Im really at a loss for words... just wonderful..
Elizabeth Cockrell - Over 30 days ago
I love this picture. The detail and realism is great!
Kristina Z.Young - Over 30 days ago
great painting and a extremely creative panorama for the room! wow!