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Cartoon cover for issue on singles.
Over 30 days ago

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Widay Panca - Over 30 days ago
Cool! I love Noah!
Jerome Lukas - Over 30 days ago
Thank you! What kind of work do you do?
Widay Panca - Over 30 days ago
My old experience is ever to work in an advertising company as Art Director and Creative Designer.

To be honest, currently, I'm thinking how to developing my talented a comic and cartooning? Because the peoples of my country can not appreciating the people like me, Jerome.

And then for a while, I became a member started on January, 27. 2012.

Thank you for your question.
Jerome Lukas - Over 30 days ago
Widayat, thank you for writing.

As artists, we always seem to be misunderstood or not appreciated by those around us.

I think it is because we can see things that others cannot and they either get jealous or think we are crazy for seeing what we see.

My best advice is to pray and ask Jesus to help you see which way to go with your career. Often, when I am stopped, I just pray and ask God to show me what is the best way to go.

I hope you do well and I will be praying for you.

Wendy Wolf - Over 30 days ago
Hey Jerry, I totally agree with you. Asking the Almighty and seeking guidance through prayer is so important. When I am walking in agreement with God will, things "work". I believe the Lord has bigger things in mind for us than we could ever think, dream ,or imagine..
Widay Panca - Over 30 days ago
Hi Jerome,
Sorry I've just reply you because at that time, I'm very busy. Yes, Jerome, I'm agreed. Your advice I will do it. I loved Jesus. Thank you so much for your pray for me. And also I will always to pray for you, my brother.
Hearty greetings,
Just call me Widay.
Jerome Lukas - Over 30 days ago
WENDY & WIDAY: PTL, you both must be believers, and without His love to guide our hands and minds, we lose our way!

I pray God will give you both an outstanding VISION FOR YOUR LIFE and lead you into the ministry He has designed for you since the beginning of time!
Widay Panca - Over 30 days ago
Thanks a lot, Jerome. You are right. God blessing you.