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Enigma - Short Film about a man who claims to know literally everything and also that he has only 13 months to live. A panel of scientists is attempting to elicit information from him to determine the veracity of his claims. Genre: Drama, Limited Sets and Cast
Over 30 days ago

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Rafael Pla Delgado - Over 30 days ago
wow! Thanks, Barry. For me, it's even more difficult to write more than two or three lines of text together
T.J. Mulvaney - Over 30 days ago
Very impressive writing, Barry! I would have loved to direct this short!
Barry A. A. Dillinger - Over 30 days ago
Thanks so much for the kind words. "Enigma" was supposed to be my first stab at directing, but I wrote it and it still sits in my closet, although at least 10 other filmmakers have requested permission to make it.
T.J. Mulvaney - Over 30 days ago
You say it was supposed to be your first stab at directing. What happened to make it otherwise?
Barry A. A. Dillinger - Over 30 days ago
T.J. Mulvaney - Over 30 days ago
Well, that's understandable! :) Well, hopefully, someone will direct "Enigma."

I have a question: you mentioned you sent your scripts to Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures and Martin Scorsese's Sikelia Productions. Did you needed an agent for that or did you called or emailed to them yourself? How long since you sent a script to each studio did they respond back? Did any of your script made it to the big screen?

Sorry for prying but I'm very curious.
Cirrelia Thaxton - Over 30 days ago
Fine script....I'd love to see it brought to life on the screen...
Barry A. A. Dillinger - Over 30 days ago
The movie has been completed and is now a short film, named "Enigma" and was nominated for best screenplay at the Epidemic Film Festival. It was adapted for the screen and directed by Derek Eaker. Here is the link to watch the film (13 minutes)
Barry A. A. Dillinger - Over 30 days ago
As for the Ghost House Pictures and Sikelia Productions, I received a letter from the manager of Ghost House Pictures requesting that I find representation and to resubmit through the agent (which I did...I found a literary attorney) and the other was through a friend who actually used to date the president of Sikelia Productions. The response time was pretty quick (within a few weeks) and no, none of it made it to the big screen, however, I did receive positive words on the work and was invited to continue sending future work to them.
T.J. Mulvaney - Over 30 days ago
Well, good for you! I hope things will work out great for you soon! And I will definitely check out "Enigma" as soon as possible! Looking forward to it!