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Caricature - a personal gift to my dad on his re-retirement.
Caricature Art
Over 30 days ago

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Marci - Over 30 days ago
Graphic design and passionate interpretation rule here. These are some of the very best layouts for graphic novels, done in so many variations, with your own passion and thoughtfulness shining through..Wow!! Thanks for sharing mon ami, some day perhaps you might be interested in some of the graphic novel/comic book series that many of the freelancers are getting ready to team up and set the world on its' ear. What say you, mon ami?! Thanks for sharing, and keep on creating, inspiring, enjoying, and letting the reins of your imagination fly free, oui?!
Dave Lanphear - Over 30 days ago
You should email me, Marci. I do have several graphic novels and series I'm collaborating with writers and artists. :)
Marci - Over 30 days ago
Hey-ya Dave! I'd love to email you: mine is This could turn out to be a beautiful and long-lasting collaboration mon ami! I have no doubt that you are a busy, busy passionate person, and there are more of us out here that wish to work together to create those new things that set our hearts and our readers heart on fire! Please do feel free to email me and I'll be sure to stay in touch, cannot wait to see how/where this newest path leads us, oui?!
Marci - Over 30 days ago
And so Dave, what is your email so that we can collaborate..what fun that will be, oui mon ami?! Passion rules here and there are many projects just waiting for my go ahead to betgin..finally received all the software and hardware and have just about completed the studio conversion, so get ready, set and here we go!!
Dave Lanphear - Over 30 days ago
Hi, Marci! I'm at! :-)