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This promo was produced entirely by me, using a combination of characters from Evolver (for whom I designed the standard Evolver bone-based facial animation rigs) and mocap data by Mixamo. It was an exercise in the application of these two Web-based animation resources to a short-form story... on a very tight production deadline. The entire production was accomplished in 4 weeks.
3D Animation
Over 30 days ago

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Roger's Portfolio RDS2@Q. - Over 30 days ago
I like 'Deep6" Very well done. What software are you using for it?
Rod Stafford - Over 30 days ago
Thanks! I used 3D Studio Max.
Roger's Portfolio RDS2@Q. - Over 30 days ago
Do you have anything going right now, or a story that you would like to work on for a animated movie. I would like to create something with the appeal of Avitar, but more unique. I use Blender, but had 3D Studio release 2 and 4, but have not had the funds to purchase Max. So, I settle for Blender. I also use Bryce3D and DAZ.
Rod Stafford - Over 30 days ago
Hi Roger,

Well, it depends on what type of project it would be. In other words if it pays, then I am always interested. :) Sorry for the shallow perspective, but these days I have to clarify that - because I get a lot if inquiries about speculative projects... and at the moment I have more work than I can handle. Thanks for getting in touch though, and I'm always available to offer helpful suggestions!

Roger's Portfolio RDS2@Q. - Over 30 days ago
The project would pay from royalties after the publication. Sorry, but I don't have the funds right now to pay anyone. It is like a "Blender" project, and is contengent on sales of the completed project. I am trying to find people who are interested in doing something extraordinary with they're talents, the profits would have to come later.
Rod Stafford - Over 30 days ago
HI Roger,

Understood - but I don't do work on that basis anymore. Have fun though! I've done many projects like yours and I know that it will enrich you and provide a great opportunity for all involved.