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So I am going with a "Digger" although the the Salvo's back then were more Missionaries as opposed too being soilders...If you carefully consider the elements and traits of the salvo's you'd notice they were closely similar too the Hospitaller Knights of the 12th Century! You know "Kingdom of Heaven" the movie! directed by Ridley Scott, Jerusalem...DEFEND! Then Later King Richard tried to reclaim the Holy lands back after it's initial surrender. Salvo's to me resemble these Knights Defending and protecting the poor Their Red Shield, The feather symbolising Faith, the Soilder To Serve! And the the cathedral like building in other words their Order! lastly the conditions hence the Rain! majority of the war was fought in Muddy conditions and bucket loads of Rain! Tad like the tears of Heaven! Soilders even made reports they saw "Spectrums in the sky of thousands of Angels at war in the sky"... The Great War! Hence the feather! And thank God for the Bloody Salvo's!See More
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Over 30 days ago

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Marci - Over 30 days ago
'Allo Cassim..m'amour..again and again you stun the artiste world with your passionate creativity..I truly love this tells a story without words, oui?!
Cassim - Over 30 days ago
Yes I didn't mind this piece actually, simple and straight to the point...I have been doing a lot of charity and discounted work of late in the past 3 months I won't be doing anymore now for a awhile as I focus on the Graphic Novel side, unless employers have the Cash! As I have a Team I gotta take care of...Not just myself! Thank you sweet marci yet again! ***
Marci - Over 30 days ago
'Allo once again m'amour! I do hope that you realize that the charity and discounted work you have done could be looked upon as 'free advertising' and that you are paying it forward, making the projects a win-win. I am in the middle of deciding for one of my clients as to whether this first novel of his should be a book, or a graphic novel, and yes I have put together many art teams and other writers from around this wonderful world of ours..they too require my help and attention and of course, the monetary compensation..Graphic Novels are my very favorite medium for telling a righteous story..we cannot live on just dreams though, oui? One other thing m'amour..please to remember to take care of your self and stay centered and everything will happen and fall into place, this I can promise you because 'tis a skill-set that I have honed to a sharp and closely held reality..have an absolutely fabulous day and create passionately because that's who you really are m'amour, oui?!