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Silver Surfer
Over 30 days ago

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Ryan Bell - Over 30 days ago
I really dig your stylized take with pushing the anatomy here. Very cool rendition of one of my favorite Marvel characters.
Gene DeCicco - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Ryan so much man. I worked for Marvel for a little while a long time ago... and I always wanted to do an elongated still standing Silver Surfer.... he doesn't need the gestures of an actual man surfing... he is not a man, he is an alien... let's have some fun with him. :)
Ryan Bell - Over 30 days ago
No problem Gene, and that is what makes the piece amazing. That's really cool that you did some work for Marvel. You have got the gift for it. What type of work did you do with Marvel? Any issues in particular? A buddy of mine just did a color job for one of the last few issues of FF4, he did the variant. I think issue 544.
Gene DeCicco - Over 30 days ago
Hey Ryan,

I worked for Marvel a long time ago. I did a couple of issues for their 2099 line of books. The Hooligan and Haphazard were new characters they were trying out and I did the first appearances of them.
I worked in the offices too... but then they went bankrupt and things changed. A lot of people were let go. I had left right before to do a comic for Motown Records with Image Comics who were putting out a comic called Man Against Time. I did the first three issues of that.
Thanks so much.
Ryan Bell - Over 30 days ago
Cool. I will check them all out. I loved the 2099 run. Thanks for sharing.
Gene DeCicco - Over 30 days ago
My pleasure Ryan.

Great to meet you.

Ryan Bell - Over 30 days ago
James Tenney - Over 30 days ago
really cool, Love the pose, also love the black flecks in the rays, makes it look even more "cosmic" I also liked the 2099 archs, Great stuff, and everything at marvel seemed better before that bankrupt thing. LOL.