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I also enjoy doing pen sketches and have had a lot of practice.
Over 30 days ago

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Nic - Over 30 days ago
ha ha, hi, sorry, I forgot this is on public conversations :-/ Thanks for your kind comments, havn't done it in colour, you think that would look good?
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
I deleted all of my posts because we do not need anyone to read ,, if they do not have too..
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hi I see you deleted yours good idea. I found you on facebook..
Nic - Over 30 days ago
thanks :-)
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Oh Thank you, I can not wait to get the title of the work from the books of the lady whom raised and lived with Lions.. I am not sure about some of the friends I have on facebook.. They worry me, so I limit going on just to only let you know, even though this is on your page here that is ok..LSometimes I post things for my local friends I have know since HS. hahah
I will come check out your photos soon. Happy to meet you and see your book come out and on facebook one day soon I can introduce you to my son Keenan , he is the 21 yr old who goes on and it writing a book too, I mentioned.. I told him I met a gal I wanted him to meet, soon.. Keenan is very very normal honest and sensitive and cute, smart and nice. He gives sanity in a world of craziness, and in his mind he lives in a paradise, ( I think anyways). As a writer you would like him as a person. I look forward to chating again. Thank you Nic!!
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hahaha, I thought of our conversation of guys with shorter legs than us, I ended up visiting with a cute lifelong acquaintance man, for a few hours the other evening and his legs were way shorter than mine. I thought to myself no chance for you , guy.. hahah I thought do only men with short legs attract to me?? It is funny. yes, I can introduce you to be friends on facebook and show you photos of keenan and then the 2 sons they are always together. Cliff , he is 23, he loves the fantasy books and is an artist, he draws when bored. I would love to see your blog and keep it on my favorites. I have been reading to my daughter for years Kevin Henkes Novels which are for younger readers, yet, I think the words in the book are rather sophisticated plus the stories are great for older readers, or families to read. I am not sure if you'd be into me writing about his story novels, they are FABULOUS though and would go well with animals and for families. The Henkes books deal with real life problems, loss, poor relationships in the families that affect us growing up and as adults, love, letting go, and acceptance of ourselves and others. the self acceptance part is what i love, and gain from his books. he lets' everyone be weird in their own way and that is just terriffic! He has great settings in woods and at beaches, and good dialogue.
Yes, I agree facebook people get carries away, on tangents it seems at times. I have these people who like older men in 60's I do not know,, yet share their love openly and I deleted this one man 4 times and he begs me to take him back each time, it is so crazy.. I finally go oh, Ok who cares if a 60 yr old man who gives me the hebbie gebbies does this fine be my friend, but he does things to make one looks weird. It makes it so you just say fine big hug to you beast.... hahaha Go figure it is absurdity at it's finest and i am afraid he'll come after you next if I send you things..hahah I feel bad to tell, but it is so awkward..
Oh ballroom dancing sounds fun.. I would LOVE it too!! Oh have fun for me too.
The man better wash his hair...hahahah
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hi Nic, I want to add, Oh yes, i can not wait to see your horses and animals on facebook page will go there really soon. These deadlines have held me up and then under the weather a touch..
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Sorry if I sound nutty I am tired.. Bye,,
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hi, I know I was over zealous last night and tired so I deleted my post on here..Oh yes Hobbit will be great. One of my friends did the lord of the Rings, all of the movies, traveled to all of those places, etc.
I want you to like what i post though? Let me know if Henkes to kids would be ok and how do I post through you?
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hi, Oh no my friend was a camera man who did all the special effects. I have known him and his wife for a very long time and he is Canadian. On Kevin Henkes, I have an idea: I would like to write how reading his books inspired me as an artist and brought the dreams from my heart to the surface. He writes how I can like to paint. Don't you have an account to post your blog. I have blogs where I post things yet sometimes a blog can have aplace to post things. If you build your blog like I build mine you would know. I would have to submit a piece to you. Like the place where I have my poems did you check them out? I want the lady who hosts that website to interview you when you book comes out. She interviewed Robin Wiliam and other actors, etc. my Friend who did Lord of the Rings owns Graff TV. you can google him. I deleted him from my facebook because of his wife we get in fights sometimes. Cat fights. I have him on LinkedIn . Are you on linked In? HHis wife is cool though, I like her alot, she is a singer whom was well known and is very good and she has worked for him forever giving up her career. So anyways, if you do not think Heneles is good, you Blog is great that is fine. I am going to look at your horses tonight.. Hope your good, I have been crazy here with deadlines and more...
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Sorry about the writing,,, What works are you refering to above?
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hi Nic, Oh I looked at all your photos and am having keenan my son request you as a friend.. So wonderful your photos, love your taste.. You like what I like. I dress in the long skirts and attire of the dress you wore always each day, even over my paint clothes. I do not like pants. We are the same..
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
Hi Nic, When you book comes out , what about having someone like Clark graff or someone he knows to read it , and then they can endorse it on the back?? The poems are this:

I am going to talk to the lady who runs this site and ask if she wil change some things to help it.
I need to go work,
But let me know when you want the article on henkes, or maybe something lese. maybe you want a poem on your BLOG.
They are all to one man, my true love.. I have never been with,,,in this life yet...
Amy Koch Johnson - Over 30 days ago
ME too, and Edwardian times, check that out, if you do not know it... I am just like you. I apolgize if I over did on commenting on your photos, I forget about everyone else sometimes online..

We are so similar...Clark graff, yes, I will when I get buy a copy of your book right away when it comes out, will send to him. We love each other for real, Clark as I as people.. His wife's name I forgot to say last time, Alexa, Alexa, she has a cool last name and I forget it..
Ok I will save your email.. I am also friends with a man up at Disney, from mensa group, maybe he can turn your book onto some there. I have been opening up to him in emails about the men being to short after I finally got it out with you..
I guess it is meant to be we met...