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M Hahn - Over 30 days ago
Looking for an illustrator. Saw your work on the Internet. What I’d like is a sample that is more specific to the story. So, a little more about the book. Main character a 13-15 year old princess, quick, graceful, and mischievous. The story is very much a fairy tale from long ago—but not any specific time period. A little Spanish flavor. But no black veils. Magical but not dark. Magical but sweet and innocent. I’d like a sample of her. Not cartoony. Not super big eyes. Not Anime. Lean more toward the realistic side. But the story is magical. Digital or hand done artwork is fine. One person you might think of the princess looking like is Victoria Justice. If you don’t know who she is her photos are all over the Internet. She’s been a teen star for a long time so there are images of her from when she was 12 or 13 all the way up to now when she’s 20 or 21. But do NOT make it look so much like her that I get a call from her high-priced Hollywood lawyers. It’s just a faint idea. Somewhere to start. And remember it’s from long ago. So, the hair and dress should look from long ago. You might want to look at some dresses of Spanish princesses from long ago. Usually they have beautiful patterns but are too restrictive. So again, take them as an idea. What this girl should wear are flowing things. Easy to move in. But not flamenco. Don’t get hung up on the Spanish. As long as she has dark hair and dark eyes that’s enough and long flowing hair and looks like a princess from long ago. Artwork should be pretty but not overly sweet. Soft. Gentle. But again lean toward the realistic. I've noticed that faces are where illustrators fall down. the princess has got to have a pretty face full of innocence, sweetness and mischief. Hopefully, you can respond with a sample soon as I'm interested in picking someone soon.

The book is for children between 3-8 years old.
The book will be 40 pages long, 8.5 x 11 hardback with dust jacket and require front cover art, back cover art, art for flaps, title page art and 38 pages of interior art. All full color.
Payment will be “Work for Hire” with a one-time payment. Approximately 50 drawings for $2500. On some pages, there might be 2-3 drawings. Many pages will be a full page drawing. There might be one or two pages where one drawing stretches across both sides of the page. The total drawings might be 50 or 51 or 52 but it should not be more than that. Illustrator gets credit for work with name on cover.
Text for the book is done. Once the illustrator is chosen, we can work out the deadline for the completion of work. Timeline should be comfortable for illustrator but reasonable.
Please scan drawing and email them to me. Be sure to put your name and email address on any drawing. It would be very helpful if you know Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, etc. and can scan everything at the correct resolutions for printing. The sample you send does not have to be hi-res as long as it works as a sample I can look at. I’m located in Boston. Thanks,
Best, or
Marthie Gerber - Over 30 days ago
Would love to send you my ideas.Thank you for considering me.Be in touch soon.