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A schoolyard mural for a playschool
Mural Painting
Over 30 days ago

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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
This is beautiful Des, I bet they loved it!
Des Langford - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Janet. It was well received, I'm told. I just had a helluva lot of fun painting it.. I love getting a space like tis to work in - plenty of room to move around, no ladders required much, and I can just freewheel and make it up as I go along.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
You are an awesome artist and how kool you create as you go, total freedom! That's when the best pieces appear! How long did it take?
Des Langford - Over 30 days ago
It's a few years since I did this, so it's kinda hard to remember. A job like this usually gets done in a few days - there's three walls to this courtyard, and the brief was to decorate with nursery rhymes and fairy tales. The full picture sees the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, three blind mice. little Red Riding Hood, the ugly duckling, the cat, the diddle, the dish and the spoon and the little dog laughing, Humpty Dumpty and the King's Horses, Thumbelina, Goldilocks and the Tree Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk (with giant falling from the gutter) the Pied Piper with rats, and sundry birds, flowers, and butterflies. Like I said, a few days coming and going.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Holy cow!!! I appreciate your prolific diversity, well done dear art! I use to do 8'x20 murals for Keebler Cookies and so understand the efforts and talent what you create! Cheers!
Des Langford - Over 30 days ago
Thanks. :) I just try to paint fast and keep customers happy.