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Freelance Sculptor & Flyer Designer

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Alaskan Gold Pannier
Over 30 days ago

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Lora Starks - Over 30 days ago
Hey Mark great work!!!!!
Mark Leavitt - Over 30 days ago
Hey Lora~
Thanks for checking it out! Its always good to hear positive feedback :) Have you been on this website long? you getting any good jobs off of it?
Lora Starks - Over 30 days ago
Hello Leavitt, I just joined yesterday and trying to learn how to work the system. lol. How about you? Are you getting hired for jobs and do you have and pointers for me as a new freelancer? Do you have family in the Atlanta Area because your last name sound familiar?
Mark Leavitt - Over 30 days ago
Hey Lora~
I am the same as you just joined this system yesterday and I have never done any freelance work. But I would thing that in your area of work you will find lots of work! As for having family in Atlanta I do not think i do but you never know. But if I come up with any leads for you I will let you know for sure! hope you are having a great week.
Lora Starks - Over 30 days ago
Yes, so far so good. My son just received an offer from to play college basketball in Florida (D1-College) that has been really exciting for me today. He is in the 11th grade and I am so proud of him. Please keep in touch because who knows maybe we will evenutally do subcontracting together. We need to keep friends.
Mark Leavitt - Over 30 days ago
WOW Congrats for your son! that is amazing! he must be an amazing basketball player. And for sure I will let you know if i here of something up your ally! congrats again!
Lora Starks - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Mark,
I really appreciate you help and I will look out for you as well.
Lora Starks - Over 30 days ago
Also, I think you should make a slide show of your work and upload it to Youtube. I think you will get a lot of hits and possible opportunities. This is the Public Relations coming out of me for marketing your work. overlook me it this get on your nerves. lol
and thaks on the congratz!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it.
Alena - Over 30 days ago
Hi, Mark! Your work is very expressive. Congratulations. Photos need to do better - much of the benefit.