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Over 30 days ago

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Dara - Over 30 days ago
Awesome Cirrelia! I wrote a lot of poetry and stories as a teenager and that turned into songwriting eventually. Actually always had music in my head when writing poetry so was just a natural progression but writing is a great way to express yourself just as creating art or dancing or any of the arts. Keep doing what you do! :-) Oh and thank you for the kudos Cirrelia and I hope you are keeping WARM! BRRRR! :-)
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Yes, Dara :) I'm trying to stay warm. I hope you are faring well these days...It is always an adjustment to get used to a new year. With God's love, we'll both do well...Poetry is like music. I love it! Keep writing it as I will do the same :)
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Cirellia! Yes-I have always had to adjust and adapt. Am used to that and no doubt will have to make a change location-wise at some point in order to be able to move forward. I do my best at trying to keep creating. It is tough and got tougher with the hurricane mess but fingers crossed things will get better.;-) Have a great day Cirrelia!
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Dara, I understand how tough it can be, especially when something happens that you cannot control. Everything is going to be alright. You have a great day too. :)
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Cirrelia! Yes,nothing makes you feel more helpless than things that are out of our control. Now we are having much colder than normal temps and people's pipes are freezing and bursting ugh! There are some frozen here this morning unfortunately and temps only going up to 36-37 today may not be enough to thaw them before another hard freeze tonight geez. I am afraid to turn on the water or anything. We do not need another disaster. :-\ It is not my house but this one is still being fixed up from the hurricane. Heavy sigh. This is the coldest winter by far since I have been here with the most hard freezes in over 35 years! 3 times so far with several days of 18-20 some degrees at night. Houston is not built for this cold. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Two more nights of hard freezes before it warms up and temps stay over freezing at night. At least for 4-5 days until the next one comes. Dang. I hope you are not having to deal with that where you are. Wow-what crazy weather the past few years!
Keep warm and have a great day Cirrelia!
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
I'll keep you in my prayers. It is snowing here and below freezing. Luckily, my heating works, so the cold is bearable. God willing, spring will make its way to us faster this year and we can all enjoy the warm and moderate temperatures. Be well and remain hopeful, Dara.
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Cirrelia! That is good you are safe and warm. :-) Yes, last year we had a mild awesome winter. That happens about once every 3 or 4 years on average but most of the time we do not get that many really cold days so I can deal with that. This year is crazy.;-b
I am doing the best I can under the circumstances. Keeping hope alive. ;-D
Have an awesome and peaceful day Cirrelia! :-)
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Hey Dara, How's it going. Are you ready for August? It's one of my favorite months as we ease on into Fall. Have you been doing art and keeping busy? I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, my dear friend :)