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If you're a coffee lover, you'll like this article!
Over 30 days ago

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Ronald Rainge - Over 30 days ago
My grandmother was a dangerous woman until she got that cup of coffee, Cirrelia it could be a 100 in the shade had to have that hot cup, I had not thought about the tea party connection it is a starting point in US coffee history
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Ronald, I'm with your grandmother...In fact, I'm brewing a pot of coffee right now :) And, the tea party definitely kickstarted American obsession with coffee...I love it and feel rather bland until I drink mine every day....It's actually good for the heart.
Shirlena - Over 30 days ago
So there was a time that drinking tea was an act of treason lol. Wow. The entire time I read this article all I could think was how far coffee has come. You can take a beat down now if you approach somebody who hasn't had their coffee yet.
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Yeah, Shirlena, coffee makes a lot of us go from Mr. Hyde to Dr. know I don't feel right until I have my first cup of the day. :)
Mark Anderson - Over 30 days ago
Nice piece! Though I probably would have printed it justified left and right and run the type around the pictures.
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Mark...There's limited design choice on that particular site....Everything's centered :)
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Coffee. Yep. A lifesaver at times. ;-D
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
I drink a lot of the stuff...Tasty :))
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Simple pleasures...;-) Thank you again for the kudos Cirrelia. Have a peaceful day!
Marcos A Lara - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful appealing page love the color scheme and type, rather different for the subject but it works
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Thanks so much, ArtMAL 10...Your kind review is much appreciated! Have a wonderful day! :)