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Natural fusion--wild roses, Hampton, VA
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Over 30 days ago

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Jeanie Thompson - Over 30 days ago
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Jeanie!! :)
Author/Illustrator, Tosh Baker - Over 30 days ago
Hey you did get some shots this weekend ;o) YAY!! I always look forward to your creative expeditions.
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
I have a few from my last shooting to post....Yet, I have to clear some space in the ol'
Mike Valentine - Over 30 days ago
Yes, wonderful photos!
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Thanks everyone--Does anyone know the name of this flower?
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful photo Cirrelia! I believe that is a PURPLE CONEFLOWER! :-)
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Thank you for the kudos also Cirrelia! I think I mentioned I LOVE PURPLE.have a Purple bike that everyone stops and looks at whenever I park it somewhere..all ages seem to be enamored by it. Purple " Rains " (reigns) ;-b
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Hi Dara! I love purple too...Clothes, flowers, artworks--all the finer things in life. Plus, they say, purple stands for royalty :)
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Yes Maam! :-) I think it might be one of the reasons Prince liked it and claimed it seeing he also had the royal Name.;-b I mostly wear Black and/or purple-the only colors I really look good in! :-) Have an awesome day Cirrelia! :-)
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
I love wearing purple too...I also do my nails in purple...I can understand why Prince loved purple...I really miss him. In fact, I'm playing his greatest hits right now! :) I hope you have a lovely day and weekend that approaches!
Dara - Over 30 days ago
I miss him too..just seems weird that he and Michael Jackson are both gone. I miss both of them...I have a portrait of Prince I had been working on. My old 13 year old dinosaur computer died day before yesterday limiting me even more.I need it to find work and communicate with people.Looking for another used one that someone does not need.. I may try and upload the Prince portrait later if I can figure it out without my computer as all my pics r on there. Some of us r purple people.:_)
Have a wonderful day and weekend too Cirrelia.
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Cirrelia..I added the portrait of Prince. Check it out when u get time. It was a pain trying to do it from my cruddy phone but I managed ha! Hopefully will be able to get this one finished soon. After a painting commission I owe a really nice lady. That is priority right now.Let me know what u think! Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend my friend!:-)
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Hi Dara...You did...wonderful!! I am a real fan as you know. Prince had musical genius and he has gone too soon. I will definitely check out your art. I'm sure it is fabulous. You have a great week, dear! :))
Dara - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Cirrelia! Love Prince..such a talented man lost too soon for sure. You have a great week as well Cirrelia! :-) Thank you for taking a look!
Juliet Taylor Hillbrand - Over 30 days ago
You are so creative love. Beautiful work