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digital painting
Over 30 days ago

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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
AWESOME!!! Brilliant digital painting Mitch...Move this one right near the top as he shows sooo much skill and first impact is what you want:)) More of this and you will be blazing away, illustrating heaps ..This is fantastic and love how you got him to look wet and almost surreal...What program are you in...I used to do a lot of graphics around 2000, but let a lot of those programs slip. Still kept up with photoshop though. I have soo many on here that it gives my head a
Mitch Anderson - Over 30 days ago
Thank you so much Em! This was my First "Frog Traveler" picture which I made in Photoshop. I've never used anything but Photoshop for my digital painting. I feel that I have mixed results with my digital painting. Sometimes it turns out well and others... not so much. This one turned out VERY well and created a stir on deviant art when I posted it there some time ago.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I wish I could work like that my friend...I think them amazing and some of the best that I have seen are those frogs!! Totally understand creating a stir..One look and I knew they were magic!!! Drag the other frog up to the front through your modify portfolio...and use the mouse to click on and drag. You would know that!! ...Keep making works of this standard and show some variety because there are soo many illustrating jobs on here...Are you using a mouse or tablet Mitch...I am soo used to the real brushes and backed away from the digital over a dozen years ago.after a few years of mass learning. Now I look and did I do that. I was right into Bryce 3d, Poser Illustrator Corel Draw, Quark (not crazy about that print to press stuff)..and soo many others...I still keep finding stuff on the external...My son dropped it accidently and thankfully it survived..It is dicey at the moment and kickmyself again for pulling the connections out to move it..Now it is touchy and won';t go and I don't want to loose all that stuff...I shall get one of the guys to see if they can open it and fix it for me>>>>...Photoshop is magic...I did a lot of photo restoration etc...I have tons of programs and I don't even use them I turn the clock back 3/4 yrs to trick it and make the program work...Got sick of that so deleted the plugins...I found a stack of thesed amazing brushes...Man they are amazing...Rons Brushes they are called...and the affects are brilliant...I would send them through but think they are over 300mb..WOW factor stuff for creation..:)) More of your beautiful work Mitch:)) ...
Mitch Anderson - Over 30 days ago
I did modify my portfolio per your request (and I think you're right) to have my best work out front. I am like you in that I am not fond of the print press stuff. I went to school for Communications and graphic design. While doing that I realized that art was my true passion and print design would never really be on the same level with it. I've been looking through your work as well, and I must say that you have some WOW factor there yourself. I think for people who truly enjoy art and creating it, other peoples work is very impressive, like stepping into someone's mind. Just a thought :)
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I am glad you did modify as I just saw of the frog dudes on the top of front page portfolio and that is fantastic...I don't know if you know what there is a section in the drop down...of my accounts where you can see all the messages left of the left side where you manage your account. It is always a good idea to try to reply to people, unlike me and this I get soo many and sometimes I read and mean to get back or think I do, and find them down the track like this one and do so apologise Mitch:)) As I said...So pleased to see you and your wonderful artwork up again.....Take care and I totally agree with you about the joy and creating artworks. I didn't really like the quark etc process...and love the creative artistic side way better.....:))
Lars N. Soedergren - Over 30 days ago
I love the moist skin of the frog. I can almost feel it. Only thing is the outer toe on his right foot. It disappears in a weird way. Other than that its thumbs waaay up =)
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I thought that was mist Lars....
Christine Hwang - Over 30 days ago
this is an amazing digital painting ! I wish I could have the patience to paint like you!