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Over 30 days ago

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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Love this MelX......Awesome it is!!!
Mel Rosado - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Em!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
There is something very alluring aboutit all....I kind of want to climb up on the top of the head, and peek out between the letters...
Mel Rosado - Over 30 days ago
Haha I like that imagery, the concept behind the logo is that inspired art comes from somewhere out there in the universe, some call it an almost spiritual experience. I've felt Ideas rush thru me in such a way, almost like a revelation of sort you see clear as day, and a primal urge to get an image on to the physical plane. curious if you've had similar experience Em? in your moments of inspiration.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Soon as I saw the picture, I knew this was the one with the .I really love this one....and green is my fav color. I love the old wax lights of years ago that have come back in and the colors above are the closest I can get to green, and I love it.....I am totally fascinated with the universe and a huge fan of Brian Cox, English Physicist....what a mind that man has, and what brilliant documentaries he makes. I finally felt lithere was an answer to this mad insatible calling that I couldn't understand; Goosebumps again as I read that....and yep....we are talking about the same thing...just different experiences...I wish it was more to do with art....than bloody life threatening experiences....when I follow those spiritual experiences and they are.!! You could be picking up on somebody else I did....and therefore you must think outside the box as they say. My spiritual experiences have been a powerful twist on my life, basically all my now I live a very very quiet life...meaning....I spend a lot of time creating which is meditation to me, and all you guys on here are pure inspiration. I also know what you mean about that primal urge...and yes ....that is the spirit again wanting to express....Some nights in bed, I wake up to short visual....and nothing fullon like those 10 yrs ago....I felt like I stepped into another world and reading all the signs of life can lead you exactly to the spot....That happens to me when there is real danger around not necessarily aimed at me, but I am in for the I see the things you guys create and it reminds me of the things and battles I used to have in real life with spiritual baddies.....and I can't begin to tell of the mind blowing things to others, that happen to me, but you know what Mel...When something happens so much, it just becomes a way of life, and it probably more so now, because I wake up and live in the day....every moment I am in that! I will never have enough time to learn all the things that I want to with art.... and I can't get enough of the beauty in this amazing world, within side me...Soo much to see...thank gad for google can go for trips all over the world and land in the streets, and take screen shots and they are like photos...Love it all. Don't think me odd....we are all just strangers in a strange land sometimes. I see peoples art sometimes and think wow, wonder whats going on in their!! After all that you wouldn't believe it.........I put up a picture earlier before I found or got to this very point....and you will have a laugh!...Have you ever seen Galaxy Quest?......well a few friends and I on here had a laugh one day as I was telling them about this photo I got up north ....and what I felt.........and I found it and put it up earlier...Janet will have a laugh when she sees it...!!
Mel Rosado - Over 30 days ago
I agree def the same thing but different depending on the persons expiriencing it. We all live in a mutual plain of existence yet see the world through our very unique eyes, our unconscious minds and for some the conscious mind is more powerful than we realize, some are more "sensitive" than others to certain things floating out there in the universe, someone said once that inspiration is like the wind if it's yours and you are meant to interprate it you will catch it in the right moment if it's not, wait for the next breeze. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expirience.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Hey Mel, ....all that you said I feel is true and beautifully written Mel....Yes the power of the conscious mind is something I am totally aware of and of the spoken word, as it is a living power that goes forth into the realms. I have tried to watch those things for most of my life, after some mind and eye opening experiences in my very early twenties. Once doors are opened and we step through, there is no going back, because, once something is experienced, it is deep in the spirit for ever.....They say if you have a great idea, somebody out there can pick up on it, and I guess for you that is the wind for another, and wait for the breeze if one doesn't express it. I love the likes of Brian Cox and physicist and his amazing concepts that really give one more insight into the unknown or the ....'out there' that has fascinated me since I was a child....Thank you too Mel for being able to share these moments...It makes our art a much more enriching and purposeful experience. Especially all the amazing young ones on here..I am an elder now and in this world and times, we must reach out and guide them onto better levels of life and share that time and experience with them...They drink it in...and thrive with beauty from it and it makes me smile to know that just some words here and there and the encouragement of spirit is one of the greatest things that we as artists can impart to others especially the young. .I have heard are great all my life, and it just goes straight over my head, because I that am withing, feel that I haven't even really begun to begin to learn and comprehend the depths of expression and the amazing everything that lies in the great beyond.......
Grego Pulp - Over 30 days ago
VSeeN - Over 30 days ago
So cool!
Liza Fenech - Over 30 days ago
Very cool piece!
Mel Rosado - Over 30 days ago
Thanks very much to each of you it means alot to see positive feedback