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Technical Illustration
Over 30 days ago

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Damon Danielson - Over 30 days ago
Seriously!? This is amazing. Looks like it took forever.
Rod Galindo - Over 30 days ago
OMG. How did you do this? Multiple photographs of the machine in various stages of disassembly? That's phenomenal. Wow.
Kalonji Spence - Over 30 days ago
Kristina Bradford - Over 30 days ago
Amazing detail!
Alejandro Ostiguin - Over 30 days ago
Wow, Nice details!!!
Adam Carnegie - Over 30 days ago
Awesome work – my brain would certainly crack!
Eva Dalila Rojano - Over 30 days ago
omg! how could u draw something as complex as this!! incredible
Stacey Ainslie - Over 30 days ago
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Man, Patrick, you are very versatile. All of your work is fantastic, but your range of work is crazy. That is a gift I do not possess. I greatly admire your capabilities. Vey few guys can do that today, however years ago my heroes -guys like Andrew Loomis, J.C. Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell and maybe a couple of others- had the capability to move with such range. You're a rare talent.
Suranjan Basu - Over 30 days ago
wow. Seriously wow!
Benjamin Ross - Over 30 days ago
Everyone above me already said! Excellent technical work in this piece. I can only hope to attain that kind of attention (and devotion) to detail in my work.
Elena Dimitrova - Over 30 days ago
Amazing work !
Bob Berry - Over 30 days ago
Whoa! Amazing work and such a range.... from the technical to thoses beautiful wildlfe painting... and in oil no less!, I'm impressed.
Karen Millar - Over 30 days ago
fantastic work so complicated but so precise
Ian Ink - Over 30 days ago
This is -mad- technical, great skills and dedication!
Stephanie Powell - Over 30 days ago
wow - i thought I was detailed - this is amazing technical work!!
Yulia puchko - Over 30 days ago
Wow, I'm speechless! Such a precise detailed drawing! You are so talented and patient!:)
Paper Doll Eve - Over 30 days ago
Did you ever think of coloring it?
Patrick Siwik - Over 30 days ago
hummm? Cool thought.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
I like Eve's idea. The colors could be transparent with different layers as you see through the machinery...
Summer House - Over 30 days ago
omg the detail :)
Tricity - Over 30 days ago
absolutely beyond me how this is done!
Cirrelia Thaxton, Ed.D. - Over 30 days ago
Incredible detailing :)
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
WOW..This always amazes me...........such patience my friend...and I suppose you would say it didnt take long at
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
I'm with Em here. As much as I amaze over this piece, I have to wonder over the patience. It's truly...BRILLIANT!!!
C.S. Hopkins - Over 30 days ago
Madness. Incredible focus.
Author/Illustrator, Tosh Baker - Over 30 days ago
I want one lol!!!! make a quick get away!!!!
Elyse Whittaker-Paek - Over 30 days ago
Peri Marx - Over 30 days ago
This is amazing, plain and simple.
ErikkChristopher - Over 30 days ago
Killer tech drawing Patrick!
The Art of Eros Cara J. Only The Finest Art - Over 30 days ago
Out of curiosity .. I'd love to know how big is the format of the actual picture, and if you did it freehand or on a tablet (and again, if with vectors or 'digital frehand'). It's very very nice :)
How long did it take you?
Patrick Siwik - Over 30 days ago
Hey Eros - The original was about 2 1/2 feet long, done some years ago by hand (Tech pin), I really cant remember how long it took (maybe around a week?)
The Art of Eros Cara J. Only The Finest Art - Over 30 days ago
It is a very precise work. Very nice! Are you still doing technical illustrations?
... because every so often here on freelanced I see announcements for T.I and I always expect you to come out with a new one .. but maybe is not of your favourite art forms (I imagine it's time consuming).
Patrick Siwik - Over 30 days ago
Yes I still do Technical illustrations, and I like doing them. Just a bit more particular these days.
Jeanie Thompson - Over 30 days ago
I love this!!!
Tiffany Thornton - Over 30 days ago
Man, talk about detail....I can't focus long enough to even imagine the work put into this.....(smile)
Kenneth Carter - Over 30 days ago
one word describes this...... skills!!
Erik bowman - Over 30 days ago
Absolutely wonderful, technical illustrations such as this are very awesome.
Bernadette Lynn Carty - Over 30 days ago
This took awhile! Wow!
T Schmid - Over 30 days ago
Mind is officially boggled! Absolutely amazing Patrick!
Rod Savely - Over 30 days ago
A lot of patience went into that one! Great job!!
Candice Wilson - Over 30 days ago
Thanks so much for the kudos, your work is outstanding!
Libby Chase - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful line drawing. All the details.... so cool to look at!
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Jerry Aldonzar - Over 30 days ago
GET OUT!!! this is amazing....
Alex Fernandez - Over 30 days ago
I bet you started this illustration by roughing out the right mirror
Libby Chase - Over 30 days ago
Patrick is this created as vector art in Illustrator or inked by hand?
Shane Bullas - Over 30 days ago
Words fail me,Sir.-- Pure Talent i'd say!