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Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-Eater / ink and watercolor on paper, digital
Over 30 days ago

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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful skills and love your wonderful sense of colors and the just WOW!!!!...Thanks also for the kudos as I do so appreciate it Libby...:))
Bijan - Over 30 days ago
I love your style. So fun and interesting. It's Awesome.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
I see in your "about me" that you mainly use Adobe Photoshop? Could you recommend any websites offering, hopefully free, tutorials for beginners? And would you mind sharing the basic steps of how you put these together, including what you do by hand, and how you put it on the computer, then how you put the pieces together in Photoshop? At least basically? Sorry if this is too much to ask, but I would absolutely LOVE to be able to create such clean compositions, Still using my handmade pieces, but combining them digitally, so not to waste so much precious time nitpicking and repairing and redoing tiny, tiny parts of my artwork by hand. I am struggling with this severely, while trying to transition to children's illustrations. Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated from someone of your obvious skill level. Thank You, Libby!
Libby Geiselmayr - Over 30 days ago
Shawn - you definitely know how to make a girl smile! :) Actually, I mainly use ink and watercolor. PhotoShop is used at the end to make things cleaner, or sometimes to create a pure solid colored area where I didn't have as much wash control. Do you have an email address or someway I can contact you? or if you go to my website and send me an email, I can reply off of that. I would be happy to share and give you some help/tips with PhotoShop.
Emma Kaufmann - Over 30 days ago
This is so cute! Love the style all curvy and stylized. I tend to work in pen and watercolor and haven't tried Photoshop yet. Great stuff.