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Sneak peak into the next book. Purple crop lines are for Kindle format.
Children's Book Illustration
Over 30 days ago

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Chris Clark - Over 30 days ago
Lori E. F. Bennett (lorel l. b.) - Over 30 days ago
Awe I LOVE your work. It is so cute! I would have loved looking at these illustrations in a book as a child. They are so funny!
Liza Fenech - Over 30 days ago
Thanks so much!!
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
What a quality piece of work - dead cute! :-)
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
So adorable Liza, its going to be a very wonderful book! I just love your work....soooo good! ;-)
Linda Anderson - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful work! The colours draw you in, and the illustrations make you want to keep turning the pages.
Steve Sweeney - Over 30 days ago
Oh yeah, this one's a winner!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
WOW!! You painted my dream in the next life...I have told heaps of people if in the cheese shop with them, that in my next life I want to come back as a mouse....and live in the cheese is it!!!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I absolutely love it....and I think he might be stuffed with cheeses. Awesome little guy and great caricature:)
Susan Gauthier - Over 30 days ago
Love this! He's adorable!
Al Sirois - Over 30 days ago
Rod Galindo - Over 30 days ago
The detail in this image is phenomenal. The chalk boards are what caught my eye (besides the perspective and non-stop rendering of course!), the boards just look so incredibly real. You did a perfect job on them!
John Houseman - Over 30 days ago
It reminds me of backgrounds I used to paint for cartoons. Very nice.
Jerry Svoboda - Over 30 days ago
Clever and beautiful work you are very gifted artist..
N. Thomas Miller - Over 30 days ago
Your body of work is magnificent-- I just kudosed here, but everything you do has not only excellent artistic and drawing merits to the max, but a feeling of love-- of kindness, charm, compassion-- all the vibes that children, and in truth-- the whole world so badly needs nowadays. Keep up the good work!!