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Still Growing At Sixty-Six
Over 30 days ago

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Casey Marte - Over 30 days ago
Awesome Essay!! Larry David rocks! I'm gong to have to check this film out. I also have a strange urge to see "beetlejuice" for the hundredth time. Some films you can watch dozens of times without getting tired, good comedy is one of those things. I like stand-up too, I watched "what's wrong with people?" for the second time last night, the comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco, is pretty funny.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Casey! I LOVE standup too. I haven't seen that one but maybe I should check it out. One of my favorite newbies is Anthony Jeselnik. He is very dark but his jokes are really smart. If you like dark comedy you should check out Jeselnik's "Caligula." Larry David is a comedic genius, and I feel like everyone in comedy recognize and respects that - and for good reason. I couldn't even name another sitcom creator. He's definitely a trailblazer and has influenced a lot of modern comedic writers. It seems like everything he touches turns to gold. I feel like even if he's not directing a director will do what he says. No one questions him. And Michael Keaton is an amazing actor. You definitely should check out "Clear History," especially since you're a Larry David fan. The cast is unbelievable, too. I knew I'd like it when my friends and my parents told me about it, but it exceeded my expectations.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Oh - Rob McElhenney is another famous sitcom creator. He created "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." Awesome show heavily influenced by Seinfeld.
Art & Wood Design - Over 30 days ago
Yeah, Sienfeld,- Larry wrote a winner there, he is a very insightful writer, very funny, you've got good taste~G!
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Larry David is great. He takes his opinions on every day life and his neurotic little quirks then applies them to a story. Thanks, G:)
Art & Wood Design - Over 30 days ago
Great stuff
Cirrelia Thaxton - Over 30 days ago
I love this review, Andy....It shows your knowledge and passion for writing and directing. Bravo...I learn a lot from your writing.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Likewise, Cirrelia:)
Slee Arnold - Over 30 days ago
Thanks for writing about Larry David - such an insightful creator!
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
He certainly is, Slee. It was my pleasure.