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Certain Black Hearts
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Over 30 days ago

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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Ha, wow, yes very nicely done, the bully that bullies bullies, everybody needs one of those around, like a guardian angel to the innocent. Fantastic correlation and projection Colonel KlinK Hahahaha ;-)
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Its easier if you don't have to face your loved ones with shame and you can just change locations, in this case, lol some refuse shame, just get right back up on the horse and do it again....redundant....justified haha, pity is a sad thing, and if a bully can't recognize they are wronging people, they justify themselves, and get a new tactic, Another chance? Only from afar....remember. he never associated with anybody, and his false friends made him feel invisible to the point he has to miss them, I dont think its about kudos or clients, I think a bully likes the persona of control and manipulation.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Yes, Andy, you can't save the world, their is always hope though. :+l
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Lol. Thanks, J:)
Casey Marte - Over 30 days ago
Excellent. I remember watching the movie "Bully" and crying unable to understand how the filmmakers could stand by and stomach the bullying. It was heartbreaking however, I agree, I believe there can be redemption. How the latter comes about is probably unique to each person but somehow, I wonder if something, an action of some sort happens that affects them and effects the change and redemption.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Everyone has different beliefs, I think. I believe people grow, but someone as off as a bully usually needs a kick in the butt and a positive environment, I think. Thank you, Casey:)
Cirrelia Thaxton - Over 30 days ago
I love the way you bring a little glimmer of goodness out of a bad thing, in this case a black heart....This poem really made me think about how people hide beneath facades...Love your style of telling it like it is, Andy!
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, Cirrelia:)
Art & Wood Design - Over 30 days ago
So many wise words