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Dissertation for "Mercy Rule"
Over 30 days ago

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Cirrelia Thaxton - Over 30 days ago
It's great to recollect...your writing moves me...Awesome dissertation!
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thank you so much!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I totally agree with Cirrelia, and doing things azz about I have read this first! I do have a feel for Mercy Rule so when I find the time I shall read your script Andy, as it is your passion but working on a quote for a big mural so if a win, shall be flat out with that for awhile! I did relate to a lot of what you said and the colorful language as I would find it totally boring if it were all too plum; too perfect! I was engrossed in reading this and you sound like you have learnt a lot since the first word was penned!! I am a great believer in 'if we don't make mistakes, we don't learn'.!! I have to claim ignorance as to how much is involved in scriptwriting, but it seems to me from reading your dissertation that you are definitely in the drivers seat here Andy!! That was just great to gain a little more understanding as to the status of the passion that turns your wheels:)) One day we shall all see your name up in lights!! Bravo my friend!!!
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Em you're so sweet! And yes, I learn the hard way most of the time. Lol! But I think it's the best way in a lot of cases. Best of luck with the mural!
Al Sirois - Over 30 days ago
How the heck do you get pages of writing in here? I have published a bunch of stories and things and would like to be able to put up a manuscript page or two sometimes in addition to my art. Do you scan them in, and post jpegs?
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
I just save a PDF version of word and final draft files.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
"Document" for file type.
Al Sirois - Over 30 days ago
Thanks! Will have to try that.
Gina Marie - Over 30 days ago
Love this.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, Gina!
Bohomouse - Over 30 days ago
"One cannot reach his or her full potential without taking risks."
One day, that quote will be exceptionally popular, and refered to you.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thanks! Hopefully before I die.