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Over 30 days ago

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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
You did a fabulous job Andy....Jason the stoner is a really cool character and my son would really like this . and the sister....I know somebody just like that and is and I like the documentary feel that comes with it too at times....
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, Em. A perfect storm of exposure to reality TV, stage-moms, and misinformation about addiction prompted me to write this in 2008. I finally got to bring it to life in 2010 while attending RIT:)
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
I just realized this version has the actual track of Whitney Houston singing "I will Always Love You" playing along with Tara's rendition during the intervention scene. It is not mixed, and was not part of the final version.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
I will have to watch it again down the park again!!...And this is the one with the mother trying to get the daughter discovered, and she is just doubt she would sound like ''Whitney Houston"......Like I said my son calls me the video queen....and with those ones....a year or two later, and they are all brand new to me...but I do remember now !! Aaron picked the guy straight away as being in the Hit Huey.....I do get confused with faces at times...and understand why the Japanese say we all look the same, as that is what I think about at cha when I watch it again.............down the park..
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Yup! There are several people from Hitting Huey in this lol. I like to work with a lot of the same people but he's probably talking about Nardone, who plays Jason in this. He was Creepy Dave in Hitting Huey. I actually had to tell Laura to sing worse, she sort of surprised me with her singing.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
And at the beginning I actually appear as Mark - the character I played in Hitting Huey lol.
John Houseman - Over 30 days ago
Good one Andy. Mom is a fox!
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Haha thanks, John!
Miks Goben - Over 30 days ago
loved it-awesome work
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, Miks:)
Jackie Diaz - Over 30 days ago
Hey Andy! it has been a minute hope your doing well! miss ya!