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This is an article I wrote on how I received a phone call and understood nothing the caller was saying.
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Over 30 days ago


James Lambert - Over 30 days ago
do you have these issues or is this creative writing???
Michele Rybak - Over 30 days ago
Unfortunately, I have had these issues since 2009. Just as I was hitting 40, I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome and I ended up with an undefinable strain of Primary Progressive MS and a syrinx, a tumor in my spine that's in the thoracic region, T-5-T-9 and growing. It blocks the free flow of spinal fluid. I've almost died 3 times. It's already been a long haul and it's only going to get longer. Thanks for caring enough to ask!
James Lambert - Over 30 days ago
hi, my friend: given your situation, what is being done for you NOW??? if you ever need someone to talk to...i'm here for you, michelle!!! KEEP IN TOUCH!!!
Michele Rybak - Over 30 days ago
Thank you so much James. Not much can be done. There is no surgery that can be done, no medication that will help. We just manage the symptoms. I take 5 medications a day in an effort to get out of bed and be productive. I write. I make beautiful jewelry. I try to stay an active part in my daughter's life. My family doesn't understand the changes it makes in personality sometimes so my parent's and brother have disowned me. I've lost many friends. But my husband is a rock and has taken it all in stride. My kids adjusted to it pretty well. When I found out in 2009, my goal was to stand and clap for my son when he graduated from HS. I'm still standing and will continue to stand and not go down without a fight. Thank you so much for the offer to talk. Sometimes it's nice to have a new ear to listen. You get burnt out by this. No one ever expects it to happen to them, especially such a strange thing as a syrinx. As my neurosurgeon always says, "if there was a surgery I could do for you I would be glad to do do it but there's not and I'm sorry." Everyone is always sorry. Don't be sorry. Be happy that I've come this far on sheer stubborness alone. That's what's important. How far I've come and will continue to go! I will keep in touch. And you never answered me about portraits.