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Over 30 days ago

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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Sooooo CUTE! Dave! Pull up your socks! Love the donkey grin...;-)
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Are you having a rip roaring thunderous day Dave? I tried to top bar kudo you, but I'm out ;-((
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
Thank you so much, Janet! Did you realise it was a self portrait??? lol :-D
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Yes and you knocked over your brewske! Hahaha, got a little beer belly too, and those boats for shoes will come in handy for the next flood! Love it!
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
Hahahahaaaa! Well I have got pretty big feet if that's any consolation! Bring on the floods!!! lol Glad yer internet's up and running by the way ;-)
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Awesome and with Janet on the donkey, obviously got something on the bloke because he sure ain't smilin!!! Great artwork as usual:) You will be able to swim the English Channel with those flippers.....You did it again!!!! Always brings out the humor as it is within you.....!! We love your humorous works!!
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
Aw Em, thanks very much for that! Love the flippers bit - very humorous!!! So glad you and Janet like! :-)))
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Lol....the donkey floors me...You do great animal characters...Bucky Beaver teeth they are.....
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
Bucky Beaver! Loved that the first time you said it! :-D
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
lol lol...gnawing carrots through a wicket fence!!!
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
Hahahahaaa - love it! There's actually a football player over here called Louis Suarez. He is so buck-toothed (don't panic, I am not being deliberately insulting; he is globally DETESTED for his cheating ways) he could eat an apple through a letter-box! lol
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
LOL Bucky Beaver he deserves to be called....I don't like cheaters at all.....They only cheat themselves....and give the letter box a quick!! ooooooh nasty BUT fix his teeth up for!!!
Author/Illustrator, Tosh Baker - Over 30 days ago
LOL!!! yeah, love this David!!
Artistix - Over 30 days ago
And thank you again, Tosh. The original appeared in monochrome for a client just as the man (with a board sporting wording). I coloured it and added the mule to post it on here. Glad you like it!!! :-))).