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X-Men T-Shirt design
T-Shirt Design
Over 30 days ago

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Kevin Steward - Over 30 days ago
awesome. love this.. This should be a poster
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Kevin. it would look cool as a poster but I'm gonna try and get it on a T-Shirt first! :D
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
I definitely agree with Kevin!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Awesome Glenn...My second son would love this on a Tshirt in reverse colors...or more in a nice ochre/ sap green!! His world is a world away from mine in soo many ways yet in others, just a short breath away:)) He will always be a big kid and loves cartoons especially the marvel heros with super human powers. He said the other day he is not a fan of superman, because he isn't a human with super
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
I probably agree with your son Em. I prefer Marvel heroes to DC heroes because they are much more flawed, wheras the main DC superheroes seem to be almost godlike (except Batman), I find them too iconic and untouchable. give me the X-Men and Avengers anyday! :D
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
They are ones......and I love the same. The third X-Man movie was long out before I had even seen one...Needless to say I saw them all in a row and wanted more..............more It was totally different to what I had even/ if imagined. My youngest son absolutely loves the Batmans....I watched the latest one New Years Morning and in the middle of it got a terrible phone call re my second son....My world nearly stopped and he survived a stupid New Years dare on alcohol that he rarely drinks....and how he is alive, is pure miracle. He is ever thankful.....but I couldn't help but think how bizarre that at the same time....I was watching that show in the early hours of morn...he was falling 3 floors and landed short of 6inches sure death.The mother in me is ever cheering and thankful:)) Mind you lol...he is still recupperating and he is positive, thankful to not be in a wheelchair or paralysed. Still having physio and a big man way over 6ft......and must have floated!! I was just soo thankful and did ask....when did you realise it wasn't one floor, to which he replied "When it was tooo late""and we did both laugh!! Emergency.................and we did have laughs and we still do. Steel place in the left arm, and happy that he could still do some gaming with the right which is his natural.....the right hip ...very sad and still is, but he is wonderfully good so what can I say...other than what I said to him...Son always remember that saying....Look before you leap!!!