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Inspired by the comic book Sandman, my favourite incarnation of Death.
Over 30 days ago

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Bob Berry - Over 30 days ago
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
Thankyou Bob!
Studio Robb - Over 30 days ago
Death of the Endless! how could anyone not luv her? (^.^) someday, I must do my take on her. because, you know, she's Death... (^.~)
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
and she's awesome! I've been reading some old Sandman comics and have been inspired to do Death as well as Morpheus, but Morpheus is currently on hold.
Studio Robb - Over 30 days ago
well, i'll be looking forward to seeing the Glenn Jones Tour of The Endless when they come a-knockin! (^.^)
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
stay tuned!
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Nice repeat of foreground dress pattern with background star pattern. Brilliant design, even in your simpler artworks. Would you ever consider teaching some online workshops?
Hey, Thanks to me your Kudos are at 1234. Cool.
Oops, just f'd that up, didn't I...
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
thankyou for the Kudos. I wanted a more simple illustration for the character of Death because I felt a lot of my work tends to look quite tight and I wanted something loser to show versatlitly. I believe in mirroring in artwork, to create balance. I also try to triangulate in some cases too. if I put a dark patch in one corner I try to put 2 more somewhere else in the artwork so if you used an invisible line to connect them, they form a triangle on the page. Im not sure where I picked that up from.... lol
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
I remember being on a tour of the Art Institute of Atlanta on a high school trip, and listening to part of a critique where the instructor pointed out a similar technique she called Momma, Papa, baby, referring to the repeated use of an accent color in three different sizes or amounts, also in basically a triangular pattern. Would it create an isosceles triangle I guess? Or cover most of the page? I'm asking because I just realized from my description of the lesson, that unless the patches are in a straight line, any three, anywhere would still create a triangle.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
I can relate to wanting to be more loose myself. In college, my favorite painting professor would make us paint with our non-dominant hand, or have us put a big, sticky image right in the middle of our painting, then make it work.
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
yeah we did that in college and uni too, mostly in life drawing class. we'd draw with our other hand or stick the pencil on a bamboo stick and draw from a distance. As for the triangle, it can be any kind of triangle. I try and make it so the 'points' are not level with each other if you placed a grid over the artwork...a point would be higher, lower, to the right etc.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Check. Thank You. Did you know that Matisse used to draw that way from his sickbed? With a long stick, he would draw on the ceiling.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
What time is it for you in Manchester? Just wondering if you're up really early, or really late?
Glenn Jones - Over 30 days ago
it's 11:30am ish here. so not too early, not too late.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
OK then. I've often wondered if being a night owl/ insomniac might plague other creative folks as well. It was 6:00 am here when I wrote that: early morning, but only because I hadn't been to bed yet.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Thanks for the kudos Glenn!
Tricity - Over 30 days ago
digital or animal?
Hellpickle - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful piece, Glenn!
C.S. Hopkins - Over 30 days ago
is she taken from a photo? The snow pattern on the shirt is a great element.
Paper Doll Eve - Over 30 days ago
She is lovely
Tricia Maestre - Over 30 days ago
really great drawing it makes me feel like I am next to her and my hair in blowing around too.
Des Langford - Over 30 days ago
Death lives. Cool.
Jeanie Thompson - Over 30 days ago
Really nice!!!
Challman Portraits - Over 30 days ago
wow, i forgot all about this comic.. :D i love it!