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Limited edition Lithograph
Animal Illustration
Over 30 days ago

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Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Thank you Danner!
Stephany Causey - Over 30 days ago
Shawn this looks great.
Andy Kuhn - Over 30 days ago
This is probably my favorite piece of work. It would make an amazing tattoo as well!
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Thanks you guys. It's from college, a Lithograph class. My prof said that you could create anything with as much detail as you wanted. Since we were drawing on limestone with grease pencils and treating it with an acid wash to raise the image, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. My challenge proved him right. I guess that's why he's the professor.
Stephany Causey - Over 30 days ago
Your welcome,Shawn.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Thank You All So Much for the appreciation!
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful artwork of some of my favorite animals...and I laughed at the professor bit!!! I remember this guy who wanted to learn and to paint with me....and he said he used to be a good drawer at school...I said ok....that is fine with me so what do you want to paint. He picked up a photo of a woman and said I am going to do a portrait in oil.......I just looked at him and said, are you sure about this. Oh yeah he said, I will be don't you want to do something else........No!!!! I can do this!!!...and talking about a guy who you can't tell anything and 20yrs since school!! Off we start, and any advice I gave, he knew you know what Shawn, I just sat back and watched and knew ...........he would hit the point where he was screwed and it came quickly!! No...he never finished it, because in as much as much as we want to do these things that are at times beyong our limits...we have to concede to the better man and I can always do that. I was painting a big underwater so he switched to acrylic and I taught him stamping pattern and he stamped everywhere but at times I had to try and reign him in......Don't touch it he would say, so it was hard to teach him technique, so I would just get the seat and sit and wait......He absolutely abhorred that he had to ask me anything, no point trying to teach him!!. He never finished one painting but he was an artist. I said to him. You know, if an apprentice came along did a few days work and tried to tell you what to would lose it, and you wanted to learn so drop the pride and have some fun....I still laugh about it and you know Shawn, he would have been fabulous.........just wouldn't take the pointers so anytime anybody asks, I mightn't be correct, but my advice is just from experience.....
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
We can only offer advice, it's up to them to take it, or at least try it out. I'm glad you are smart enough to not let him frustrate you too much, and just sit back and watch him fall on his face. People who live with their minds closed, never really live, because they are not open to new experiences, new ways of seeing things, or ever really getting to know others. One day
something will happen to open their eyes, unless they still refuse to do so. We can only hope it's not too late, and set an example of how to live more openly. Most artists could teach a thing or two about allowing yourself to be vulnerable to many other guarded individuals out there. We are the lucky ones, you know; even when we sometimes seem to others, to be a mess. ; )
Sarah Saldana - Over 30 days ago
I love this piece.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Lol!!!.....agree totally and cackled at the!
Renée Elizabeth Winfield - Over 30 days ago
Amazing lithograph of the tiger eyes and fur inset — and, it transcends the media...(thought it was pencil).
Paul Messing - Over 30 days ago
Beautiful image! I do (did) a lot of outdoor chalk art (white chalk; black charcoal) and thought this had that look...amazing work! I look back on things I did in college and am astounded at the energy, discipline and focus that was so plentiful back then :)
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Sarah and Renée, Thank You both so much for your kind comments. I am glad that you like my piece!
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
Paul, do you still have any images of your black and white sidewalk chalkings? I used to create a sidewalk chalk piece each year with my students in commemoration of 9/11, Patriots' Day.
Paul Messing - Over 30 days ago
I do - I'll dig them up and give you a peek!
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
YEAAAAH! Can't wait.
Ronald Reed-Diaz - Over 30 days ago
You have a magnificent eye of imagination!!
Paper Doll Eve - Over 30 days ago
This is sooo cool
Paper Doll Eve - Over 30 days ago
Want it on a T Shirt
VSeeN - Over 30 days ago
That is beautiful!