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Over 30 days ago

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John Powers - Over 30 days ago
Is this a vector drawing? Or a Photoshop caricature? Or?
Debbie Hefke - Over 30 days ago
you do know vector is just dots. it doesn't matter anymore what program you use vector has nothing to do with how its painted. The best painting program out there is photoshop. Illustrator sucks its not designed for an illustrator go figure the name of it you think make it a good painting program but its not. All of the painting even for the giant hollywood film backgrounds are generated in photoshop and they use other programs that help with shapes like mudbox and maya.

Illustrator is a graphic design program and it produces all vector art. The only time I hear vector is when someone wants to print. Which now days it doesn't matter as long as the dpi is above 300. So go crazy and paint were you want to paint I say.

vector is dots and jpg's are rectangles (that's what pixalated comes from) but if its a high resolution it doesn't matter were it comes from.

I do start old school with pencil sketch's then I scan them into the computer then paint them if that's what you wanted to know and yes I do all of it in photoshop I build layers for objects textures, highlights, shadows and so on, so that anything is very easy to changed if needed.

I hope I answered your question as in depth as possible.

take care
Debbie H.
John Powers - Over 30 days ago
yes you did and very thoroughly !!!
Debbie Hefke - Over 30 days ago
sorry about that. I don't mean to be a pain in the ***. I'm just trying to educate the world one person at a time.

take care.
John Powers - Over 30 days ago
it's okay :)
Blue Pencil Team Production Company - Over 30 days ago
Yup Yup!!