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Ruthie descending on a rope. Illustration for The Scott Street Warriors. Graphite on recycled paper.
Book Illustration
Over 30 days ago

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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Will be great to see this when painted Danner .......:looks intriguing!!!!
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
I'll make sure to let you know when the painting's complete.
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Thanks for that Danner:)) I am sure it will be beautiful:))
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
It will be a treat to see this as a painting, when it is already so dramatic in pencil. I am impressed with how well your composition works in both pictures of this piece. From the close-up I would have never guessed that there was more. More kids who are just as impressive as the central three. Do you plan to bring in strange and different colors against their faces when you paint them? I would love to see you use that lighting technique. Do you mind if I ask how long, approximately, that a piece like this or the boy with the lantern to draw?

I also think you're smart to change your profile image to showcase a new artwork. Besides the kudo you gave me — and thank you so much for that— I was intrigued by your new profile pic And just had to come by to check it out. Bravo. Danner! You are an incredibly talented artist, sir. Most impressive work!
Danner James - Over 30 days ago

The lantern one took me two along days, I think. The group one took about 9 days, but It is almost 2' by 3.' Big for a pencil drawing; the paper I used was terrible and I had to fight it every step along the way. Never again. However, I do want you to know that the drawing was never intended to be a finished piece of art, but a tonal guide for the painting. Many times, I end up pasting fresh paper cutouts over part of the drawings for changes that are requested or that I want, to keep from having to redraw the thing.
The background will be a very dark blue in the shadows and become more aqua as it gets closer to the light source, which is a quite pale yellow.
Shawn Saacke Crawford - Over 30 days ago
I can't wait to see the dramatic result!
Grego Pulp - Over 30 days ago
Mohamadlubis - Over 30 days ago
love the angle...
Sonya Walker - Over 30 days ago
I love how you push your tones.
Art & Wood Design - Over 30 days ago
Your dimension is flawless~G!
Laurie Ward - Over 30 days ago
And so is your perspective : ) Really love this one. Did you have a daughter handy to strike the pose? Really an accomplishment to get an odd angle so perfectly. Stunning.
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
My half sister; my father married again later in life. She is young enough to be my daughter, though. I posed her outside on a zip line with a shop light.
Laurie Ward - Over 30 days ago
: ) Ahh, the things we do for art!
Christina Crimarco - Over 30 days ago
This is such an amazing piece of artwork, it is so realistic. An author would be so lucky to have you illustrate their book cover. :)
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Christina. You are very kind for saying that. :)
Scott Chunko - Over 30 days ago
Super cool idea! Great perspective! Love it!