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Replaced an old illustration with this new one for The Christmas Token 5/30/14. Graphite pencil
Over 30 days ago

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C.S. Hopkins - Over 30 days ago
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Thank you.
Author/Illustrator, Tosh Baker - Over 30 days ago
The FACE of an ANGEL!!! Love it!!
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Tosh!
Author/Illustrator, Tosh Baker - Over 30 days ago
You're very welcome Danner. She is beautiful and beautifully done. Wise eyes and a kind face a face that looks like she can give great advice, great hugs and make great food ;o)
Keaf Holliday - Over 30 days ago
Textures are beautiful. ..
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Keaf.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
You REALLY gave her great life with those eyes, I just want to sit down and talk to her and gleen from her wisdom!
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
She is very nice. She lives at the same retirement home that the author of the book I'm illustrating had his parents at before they passed. He was determined to find his character there; and he could not have picked a better one. i believe she was a school teacher before.
Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
Smart man, great choice, I bet the book will be as awesome as your art also. What a jewel! Thanks for sharing!
Ingrid Zacharias - Over 30 days ago
I love this portrait so much Danner. I always say that I am in a 55 year old body, who's mind still thinks it's eighteen. I think this portrait illustrates that so well. You can see the age clearly on your subjects face but if you in her eyes, they are dancing and alive, and so full of life and laughter.
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Excellent! That is what we were hoping for. There is another portrait of a woman who is younger I did for this book; it's maybe 5 or so back from this one. This woman is supposed to be an older spirit version of that woman. I tried to get some of the glow from that woman's eyes into this image. Thank you for seeing that. It is encouraging to me.
Also, I turn 49 this month. I feel exactly as you do. This old body I occupy stands in direct contrast to a younger spirit.. like maybe a 25-year-old one, or something.
Happy 4th and thank you for your words.
Ingrid Zacharias - Over 30 days ago
Your welcome Danner :) Happy 4th of July. We celebrated Canada Day on July 1, so I am sure you are all headed to fireworks shows, and getting together with family today. Enjoy!!!
Michelle Krause - Over 30 days ago
this is wonderful work. You capture the light in her eyes and her soul, such detail is splendid.
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Thank you, Michelle. The lady who modeled for this lived at an assisted living facility that the book author's parents lived at before they passed away. He felt strongly about using a model from there. When we did the book signing at Barnes and Noble over Christmas, I asked the author about her; her health. Also, I wanted to know if she was happy with the book and if she liked my drawing of her character. Sadly, I learned that she had taken a fall and had struck her head. Her condition was not favorable at that time. Honestly, I have resisted asking for an update for fear of what I might be told. I will tell you this, though, on that day, when she modeled for us in the courtyard, the day way beautiful and she was very much the "Angle Lady" character that she played. She was ageless that day. A wonderful lady. I could never capture all of the life that was in those eyes:)
Livia Villani - Over 30 days ago
I love it
Danner James - Over 30 days ago
Nora Aguirre-Reyes - Over 30 days ago
Love your work!!!