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Tanisha Shaefer - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi Alan it is an honor to meet with you on freelanced I am a female hip hop artist/songwriter of all genres... I really would love to connect with you, and send you some of my music, I have a great passion for music and talent and I just need a music professional to help connect me with some leads. I tend to write all genres of music. If you are interested please call me or replt back at 6787689189. I would love to collaborate with you if possible because you havw set a great name for yourswlf. I have great songs written for many classic artista and I just need a helping hand to get them in the right hands of people who are willing to help me. My dream is to get these potential hit songs to the majors. Please email" to Alan Scott
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Tanisha Shaefer - Over 30 days ago
Im sorry its
Glenny - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Wow, Alan. Do you have any hits in that list of stars ? Maybe you can give me a listen. I'm just trying to sell a song or two. I wish you well." to Alan Scott
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