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Stephen McCarthy - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi Michele...I was wondering if you had any tips or contacts that might help me in finding design work in the Buffalo area? I'm originally from London UK and came here to design/build and manage a restaurant/jazz lounge and that project is now complete so I'm looking for new projects. Thanks in advance and I hope all is good for you...Steve" to Michele Lange
Over 30 days ago -
Michele Lange - Over 30 days ago
Hi steve! I noticed the restaurant your talking about on your profile, Canvas! My friend is a jazz musician and plays there all the time.. that's awesome! I would recommend looking on craigslist or buffalojobfinder.com. Are you looking for a stable 9-5 or more freelance oriented work?
Stephen McCarthy - Over 30 days ago
Hi Michele...thanks for your reply. Who's your friend? I'm looking at both options at the moment and will travel too. Thanks for the tips by the way.
John Mahomet - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Best of luck to you." to Michele Lange
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