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Said "Hey Fox It's Hound. You said our timing was off when I was in AZ. I still remember New Year's Eve '01 in Watertown. We had fun, but when didn't we? I've thought of you often but didn't want to interfere. I do not participate in social media but I received updates from my AF intel sources. This site here was an accidental discovery, if you believe in accidents. I'm sorry about Keith but it sounds like u have 3 beautiful babes! I'm proud of you for joining the Navy. They are all the better for it. Cuz I know you're great at anything you set out to do. I also think of you when I see a LA TECH score. I was told last week the last 6 years of my life "read like a Greek tragedy." I'm sure we'd have plenty to talk about. For the most part, things are going amazingly well now. I'm extremely healthy, still like 5k's and even got carded while buying some cigs for someone last week. Here you have to look 40 or older to not get carded, so that was nice. Listening to "I Will" by the Beatles m" to Marilyn "Alane" Campbell
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